Friday, October 16, 2009

Provocative Symposium Webstream Available

The Financial Crisis symposium held at the University of Utah S. J. Quinney College of Law on September 25, 2009 is now available for viewing via webstream. At this symposium, commentators and law professors from around the United States gathered in Salt Lake City, Utah to take stock and assess the current status and standing of the financial meltdown that threatened the very stability of the global economy just 12 months ago. The purpose of this forum was to examine, debate and explore the reasons that the crisis occurred, the measures being taken to avoid a similar cataclysmic event and to examine whether the Obama administration's proposed resolutions and new regulations might lead to the kind of security that "main street" and U.S. taxpayers need and require.

The morning panel which debated Corporate Governance and Corporate Board Diversity in light of the global meltdown featured Professors Steven Ramirez, Cheryl Wade, Regina Burch and Todd Clark, with an introduction by Dean Christopher Peterson. That very provocative session can be viewed here:

Financial Crisis Symposium, morning session:

The afternoon panel, which examined the myriad "causes" for the financial crisis and proposed forward thinking resolutions and fixes, was entitled "Regulatory Failures" and featured Professors Timothy Canova, andré douglas pond cummings, Joseph Grant, Christian Johnson and Jena Martin-Amerson. That informative session can be viewed here:

Financial Crisis Symposium, afternoon session:

The live webstream to this symposium also included a live chat that streamed aside the forum speakers and commented directly on the information that was being debated, real time.

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