Monday, December 5, 2011

More Cowbell . . . Occupy and Otherwise

In catching up on important stories and links the past few days, several are noteworthy:

Occupy Wall Street: First, why has the Occupy Wall Street movement not resonated with more African American citizens? A Washington Post story offers some opinions:

Why African Americans Aren't Embracing Occupy Wall Street

Second, is it true that conservative lobbying firms are offering politicians advice on how to undermine Occupy Wall Street efforts for a price? It appears that for a cool $850k, you can pay for advice on how to effectively smear Occupy Wall Street messaging. From

Lobbyists Offer An "Occupy Wall Street" Smear Campaign for Just $850,000
(Thanks to Cole W from Memphis Law for the link)

Third, a top GOP strategist is reportedly "frightened to death" over the Occupy Wall Street movement and is offering talking points to conservative politicians. From

GOP Message Man "Frightened to Death" of Occupy

: On the education equality side, reportedly, Asian American students, fearing discrimination in the university application process are NOT checking the "Asian" race box in an attempt to avoid higher admissions standards being applied to them. According to the San Francisco Chronicle:

Some Asians' College Strategy: Don't Check "Asian"

From the prison industrial complex, reportedly, white Americans receive presidential pardons for their crimes at rates that far exceed other races. From the Washington Post:

ProPublica Review of Pardons in Past Decade Shows Process Heavily Favored Whites

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