Thursday, November 15, 2012

Election Outcomes

Several frightening outcomes have surfaced following last week's presidential election.  Of course, many very positive takeaways have emerged as well, with Professor Steve Ramirez writing about two of them in this Corporate Justice space.  Yet, the frightening outcomes appear to show that our nation remains deeply divided along racial and class lines.

Following the election, statisticians and social media analysts got busy and turned up the following two charts, which should give Americans everywhere pause. First, the chart below shows that we are most definitely not a post-racial place, as evidenced by the number and intensity of racist tweets that were sent on election night following President Obama's re-election.

The next chart shows how the state's with the most educated populations voted, versus how the state's with the least educated populations voted for president.  How "educated" a state is was determined by percentages of citizens 25 years of age and older with a college degree or more.

These two charts seem to evidence that our nation remains deeply divided, both on issues of race and of class.  Racist tweets in the deep south were prevalent, most obviously in Mississippi and Alabama following President Obama's re-election success.  Still, racist tweets were evident throughout the nation.  Further, if "education" level is to be measured by college degree, then those states with the most college graduates voted overwhelmingly for President Obama, where those states with the fewest college graduates were nearly as overwhelmingly in support of Mitt Romney.  We must continue to try to bridge divides in the United States by honestly confronting issues of festering racism and poverty.


  1. It is intriguing that the most well-educated states broke for President Obama. Why?

    I think the Southern Strategy acted as a dangerous narcotic: first it yielded a political high; ultimately it proved debilitating. Now the GOP only holds sway in the old Confederacy and less economically developed states. They are becoming a rump party occupying only the far right of the spectrum. In fact, the Blue states transfer massive wealth every year to the Red states, which are massive takers from the federal government. (11 of top 12 surplus states went for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and 5 of the 6 biggest deficit states went to McCaine and Romney).

  2. I am embarrassed for this country and the racist response, I can't even bring myself to address it. However, responding to the other statistics, there are many many sources to be cited to back up the evidence above. Now I know I am citing Wikipedia once, but the statistics within are cited as well in the articles below:

    Gallop Poll
    Mississippi Most Conservative State, D.C. Most Liberal
    State patterns in ideology largely stable compared with previous years

    List of U.S. states by income

    Union Affiliation By state:

    Taxes by state:

    State by state education levels