Monday, July 20, 2009

The Corporate Justice Blog

Welcome to the Corporate Justice Blog.

We are most assuredly past the point of no return. As we are now comfortably living in the digital age and the Obama era, it appears that the days of network newscasts and the relevance of newspaper reporting are dwindling. When considering our brave new world of (a) blogging; (b) social networking, including facebook, myspace, linked in and twitter, (c) 24-7 news availability via the internet, (d) reality television programming that continues unabated and (e) the emerging technologies that will further take us into interpersonal connectiveness that we could have scarcely imagined merely months ago, the question on the table is: why launch ANOTHER blog?

While we recognize that there are very good corporate law blogs successfully providing daily insights, we believe that there exists space for a unique perspective and one that we feel is not fully represented in the blogosphere. Thus, the eight of us have decided that a progressive, critical voice is necessary and currently missing in the world of corporate law, and in particular with connection to issues of corporate justice. Therefore, we have decided to launch the Corporate Justice Blog as a means of providing insight, sharing commentary and shining light on what we adjudge to be the many inequities that exist in corporate America and the global marketplace in connection with race, equality, opportunity, fairness, diversity, discrimination and class. We expect that this blog will provide provocative, compelling and controversial viewpoints. We hope that this blog will play some small role in bringing attention to the issues of fairness and equality in connection with corporate law and the global markets.

Of course, we remain completely open to commentary and insights of all readers and followers of the Corporate Justice Blog. We invite you to read, enjoy (we hope) and engage.

andre douglas pond cummings
Professor of Law
West Virginia University College of Law
Visiting Professor of Law, University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law (fall 2009)
Visiting Professor of Law, University of Iowa College of Law (spring 2010)


  1. Congratulations, dre, on yet another informative forum for the expression of views often ignored by the mainstream media. The topic of corporate justice is timely and the corporate injustice of today leaves room for the inspiration and enlightenment provided by this site and the assembled panel of experts. Thanks once again for contributing to change.

  2. Welcome to blogging in this area. This looks to be a promising blog. I hope you don't mind if I link to in on my blog in Typepad. Another voice is great help.