Thursday, August 13, 2009

Symposium in Central Ohio: The Financial Crisis: New Administration Initiatives and How Practitioners Should Advise Clients as a Result

On Friday, October 16, 2009, Capital University Law School Graduate Law Programs will present a conference on “The Financial Crisis: New Administration Initiatives and How Practitioners Should Advise Clients as a Result.” The goals of the conference are to educate the audience on the corporate governance issues that arose from the recent financial crisis in the financial industry, and to instruct the audience on financial transaction options that distressed companies may use in the current recessive and turbulent economic environment. Speakers and panelists include nationally recognized practicing attorneys, business financial advisors and academics.

The conference’s morning portion will focus on the financial crisis and the governance of private and publicly held for profit and nonprofit corporations. The morning will begin with a presentation and discussion of directors’ and senior executives’ respective duties and responsibilities. Then the focus will shift to the financial crisis and whether the crisis resulted from a failure in corporate leadership or from a confluence of low probability, market-driven events. The next segment will address potential federal legislation that may impact board governance. The presentation will shift to examine beliefs underlying corporate governance (e.g., “pay-for-performance requires equity-based compensation,” “managers must think like owners”) and to challenge whether these and other beliefs lead to corporate governance practices that are in the best interests of the corporation.

The conference’s afternoon portion will address financial transactions for distressed companies, including bankruptcy, restructuring and raising capital. This portion will touch on the responsibilities of management of distressed companies as well as offer practical advice on the restructuring tools available for distressed companies. In addition, one segment will provide insights and pointers on how corporations may proceed smoothly through the business bankruptcy process. The afternoon will conclude with a presentation highlighting the new Department of Justice antitrust enforcement policy and its impact on business combinations designed to help financially troubled business organizations.

Additional details regarding the program will be forthcoming here in the near future.

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