Wednesday, January 26, 2011

From Wall Street to Main Street Symposium

On Thursday and Friday, January 27th and 28th, 2011, the Chapman Law Review will host its annual symposium "From Wall Street to Main Street: The Future of Financial Regulation." The symposium will analyze the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act as speakers and panelists will describe various provisions of Dodd-Frank and opine on the potential that this new financial industry regulation will be successful. A cutting edge group of legal scholars, regulators, practitioners, and bankers will tackle the financial market crisis of 2008 from a variety of perspectives through the lens of the new Dodd-Frank regulation.

The event will be podcast live. Go here, and scroll down to "webcasts." Further, each panel has its own weblink as indicated below:

Panel I: Into the Bog: An Introduction to Dodd-Frank

Panel II: Congress Punts; Administrative Agencies Receive; Welcome to a Decade of Rulemaking

Keynote: Steven Schwarcz: Ex Ante Versus Ex Post Approaches to Financial Regulation

Panel III: The Return of the Rating Agencies: Rerun or Redemption?

Panel IV: Who's the Boss: Re-writing the Rules of Corporate Governance

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