Monday, June 24, 2013


The Supreme Court today released its awaited affirmative action decision.

The full text of the opinion in Fisher v. University of Texas is available here. Essentially, the Court remanded to the Fifth Circuit and directed the lower courts to apply its affirmative action precedents in Grutter and Bakke.

I have little to add to my first post on this case: Fisher v. Texas: Affirmative Action for Whites Only? I do however wish to highlight that this case seems to obviously reflect the new political realities of an increasingly diverse nation. As such, conservatives would be well advised to embrace this outcome as a de minimis step for relieving continued racial oppression in America.

For example, there is this grim reality for children of color in America:

Or, consider this obscene reality for incarceration rates in America:

incarceration rates by race graph
Facts are stubborn things and conservatives ought not to ignore these morally reprehensible racial disparities. If not swayed by morality, let them be swayed by political reality.

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